Dinosaur Pack

Dinosaur Pack


Thirteen Dinosaurs

This asset pack from the Mantis Digital Arts hatchery includes thirteen custom built models of various dinosaurs. The models are fully textured, rigged, and animated so that you can import them into your engine of choice and use them immediately.

Multiple Animations

Each dinosaur has anywhere from 5 to 8 unique animations. Depending upon the dinosaur, you will find animations for idle, flying, swimming, biting, fire breathing, running, staggering, dying, and a others.

Poly Counts, Bones, and Textures

    61 bones
    4828 polygons
    74 bones
    6336 polgyons
    77 bones
    5136 polygons
    54 bones
    6804 polygons
    85 bones
    7794 polygons
    48 bones
    7034 polygons
    80 bones
    6032 polygons
    61 bones
    5532 polygons
    71 bones
    7144 polygons
    76 bones
    7716 polygons
    75 bones
    8678 polygons
    65 bones
    12900 polygons
    84 bones
    6820 polygons

Animations are split into primary and secondary categories:
-Primary animations are normal full body animations such as walking and idle animations
-Secondary animations are partial body animations meant to be layered on top of the primary animations such as attacks and roars.

4 PBR maps per model in 2048x2048 resolution:
-Albedo Transparency
-Metallic Smoothness
-Ambient Occlusion

Gallimimus and Utahraptor models each have 2 additional 512x512 Albedo Transparency maps for primary and secondary feathers.

PBR maps are set up for Unity 5's standard matellic shader.  Normal maps are set up for DirectX.

It is recommended in Unity to set the color space to gamma for optimal rendering results for the included PBR maps.  This setting can be found in "Other Settings" under Edit>Project Settings>Player.

FBX Files or Unity Package

If you're using Unity, then you can import all of the models, textures, rigs, and animations via the included Unity Package. If you're using another engine or a custom engine, then we've included the FBX files along with the image files used to texture the models. These files will contain everything you need to drop them in place for your game.

NOTE: The FBX files are compatible with 3ds Max 2013 or newer.

Something Missing?

If you find that anything you need is missing from the package or if you just want any custom models for your game, let us know. We'd be happy to look at your project and help out.

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