Family Centered Education

Mantis Digital Arts was founded on the idea of creating conversation between kids and their parents. We create video games, board games, and card games that get kids excited to learn about the world around them. We also create print-at-home projects and deliver guidance to parents for how they can engage with their kids about the topics covered in our games. 

The end result is that kids and parents can find joy and learn together while talking about the games that we create.

More Than Just Games

We want to do more than just get kids interested in games. We want them to walk away from the games having learned something new, wanting to explore further, talk about it with their parents, and teach someone else.

We do this by building engaging games, but also providing parents with the platform and tools necessary to have meaningful conversations about what the kids have learned while playing.




"Mantis Digital Arts exceeded our expectations with their performance and quick turnaround in designing and delivering well-crafted multiplayer games."
— Panasonic North America




Behind the Games

Coy Yonce founded Mantis Digital Arts in 2012 with the goal of designing and publishing Buzz Whizz Bees, a game aimed at teaching kids about the benefit of bees to our environment. Since then, the team has increased in size and skill level all while working on projects ranging from a single game to projects delivering custom game engines with 30 games running on multiple gaming platforms.