With our games kids can while playing with their friends and family.

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We create engaging educational games for kids between the ages of four and twelve. Our goal is to get them excited about learning something new. Our library of games covers topics such as space exploration, managing a zoo, building race tracks, mathematics, and vocabulary building.

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Education and Research

We are focused on studying and researching the proper design and development of games for children. We also want to ensure that games can easily include other family members and friends to play along or participate. Interested in learning more about how games should be designed for kids, how to approach, multi-generational design, or how new technologies impact kids?

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Our Game Platform and Services

We have worked with individual teams, small companies, universities, public schools, government agencies, and large corporations to help them design, develop, and release engaging, educational games. Whether you want to use Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard, HTML5/JavaScript, an engine built in C, or a custom engine just for your project, we can help you with game design, production, art assets, animation, and coding.

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